Internet Bank

Bank Respublika offers individual and corporate clients Internet Bank service, a technology of remote banking service that enables the client to use services without coming to the bank.


This program allows for conducting business with minimum time costs by allowing for managing the account without leaving the office.


Universality of the Internet Bank mechanism makes it accessible for both individuals and companies and organizations. No special/additional skills are required for using the Internet Bank system.


Internet Bank program allows for:


  • Making Manat and foreign exchange payments

  • Reviewing currency exchange rate

  • Making applications for currency conversion

  • Making applications for preparation of account statements for certain periods

  • Reviewing account statements


Benefits of Internet Bank

  • Efficiency – Internet Bank allows for quickly acquiring all necessary information, which is definitely important in financial matters

  • Accessibility – Internet Bank can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet in any location of the world for 24 hours a day

  • Simplicity – for interaction with the bank the client uses a standard Internet browser, which makes the system an independent platform and allows for using any computer connected to the Internet

  • Convenience – Internet Bank program eliminates a number of different problems and unnecessary paperwork. This allows for saving valuable time

  • Reliability – crypto-security and electronic signature prevent unauthorized access to information

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Порядок подключения

Connection procedure

To connect to the Internet Bank service you need to submit a letter of request to Bank Respublika. Following signature of relevant documents the Bank’s officer will install the Internet Bank software on the client’s workstation and will train the company’s employee.