Bank Respublika offers mortgage loans within the Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund program. Mortgage loans of up to AZN150,000 are available. 

Loan conditions:

Conventional Mortgage
Discounted Mortgages
150,000 AZN                                                     100,000 AZN
3 – 25 years
3 - 30 years
Annual percent rate
Fee for document analysis
Requirements for the borrower and co-borrower income
OPTI < 50% (Loan payments must not exceed 50% of net monthly income of the borrower)
Barrower's and his family members expences
200 AZN
Male or Female - 65
The contract for property insurance and life lies with the borrower for the entire term of the loan.
The loan may be issued
Baku, Sumgayit, Khirdalan, Lenkoran, Masallıç Guba, Khachmaz, Shirvan, Ganja, Mingachevir branches
Location of property to be acquired
Baku, Sumgayit, Khirdalan, Lenkoran, Guba, Khachmaz, Shirvan, Ganja, Mingachevir

Mortgage loans are issued for the purchase of apartments in residential buildings built after 1970.


Key documents to be submitted for a mortgage loan
• Original and copy of identity document of the borrower (borrowers together)
• Certificate of marriage (or divorce), and a copy thereof;
• Original and copy of identification documents of family members of the borrower, and underage children;
• identity card or birth certificate (as well as copies of them) of under age children of the borrower (borrowers together);
• The employment contract or a copy of work record, certified by the personnel department;
• Document on the income from the employer (principal, and additional if available);
• Statement on the assessment of the mortgage.

Documents required for registration of credit
• A document certifying the ownership of the area of ​​housing, sold under the mortgage (an extract from state register) and technical passport;
• A document certifying the absence of any restrictions and obligations on the subject of the mortgage.
• Information about the registered persons of the housing area;
• A copy of the certified notary to authorize the sale of the mortgage without judicial intervention by husband / wife and adult children. If the owner of the dwelling is a person under the age of majority, then he will need a copy of the authorization of the competent authorities of guardianship, observing his interest.

Documents required to be submitted after registration
• The original mortgage agreement (mixed agreement) and mortgage securities, as well as documents confirming the state registration;
• A document confirming payment of insurance for the subject of the mortgage and life of credit borrower against possible death and loss of employment;
• A copy of the sales contract for the acquired housing area;
• A copy of the document certifying the identity of the seller (for individuals) of the living space.
• Documents of the borrower to prove that he is an entrepreneur
• Certificate (copy) that the entrepreneur is registered at tax authorities;
• A simplified tax return or a document adopted by the tax authorities - the tax on profits;

Documents confirming the belonging of the borrower to the category of persons with benefits
• Proof of belonging of a person to the category of benefit recipients.