Mobile Office

Mobile Office - your bank in one touch!

Mobile Office of the Bank The Republic is a service that enables you to quickly use and manage simple, convenient banking services from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of the mobile app:

  • Report on plastic cards
  • Automatic payments and transfers
  • Current Account Statement
  • Report on deposits
  • Replenishment of balance card and accounts
  • Card to Card Operations
  • Card to Account operations
  • Loan repayment schedules
  • Payments on loans
  • Payment of utility services
  • Payments for mobile services
  • Payment of state. Organs (GTP / Mortgage)
  • Create payment templates.
  • Card lock
  • List of partners
  • Exchange rates
  • Domestic remittances through the Vektor system
  • Convenient currency calculator
  • Order of a plastic card
  • Reservation of a visit to the bank office using the Mobil Vizit option
  • Bank Republic offers to book a visit to the bank, using the new service - Mobil Vizit.
  • This is a free service that allows customers to plan their time and gives the opportunity to be served when convenient

How to connect to the Mobile Office?

To register in the program, you need to download the application and insert the card data from Bank Republic or go to any of the branches of the bank and get a one-time password for activation. Further, the user can select his PIN for further use of the program.

Download the program:

Android -

iOS -

* Android version must be at least 5.0

* IOS version must be at least 9.3