MobilBank is a service with which you can manage with card account via a mobile phone.

This service allows you to:

• Payment of utilities

• Payment for mobile operators

• Payment for Internet provider services

• Money transfer from card to card

• Card lock

• Receipt of account statement

• Obtain information about the balance of the card

• Cash-by-code operation

System Benefits

• Real-time operations

• Independence from time and location

• Connect to the service without changing the SIM card

• Ability to connect without contacting bank branches

• Ability to connect the numbers of any mobile operator

Data Security

• All processed data is encrypted

• Special libraries guarantee the security of transmitted messages

• The MIDlet is equipped with a special PIN-code, which excludes unauthorized use of the phone

• Data is not saved on the MIDlet. Checked on the host

Connecting to the system

To the owner of the Bank Respublika’s plastic card, it is enough to select the "Services" item in the ATM menu, then select "MobilBank registration" in the "Services" menu and then print a check with the serial number and passwords.

Mobile applications for the MobilBank service are developed and laid out on the Play Market and the App Store.