3D Secure

3D Secure technology helps to prevent fraud and make your online transactions more secure.

Active Internet users oftentimes make online purchases with their credit cards. When making an online purchase the Internet user has to provide confidential data to websites of questionable reliability. Thus users are getting exposed to the risk of fraud. The risks are even higher if your card has been lost or stolen. Criminals will not have a problem using your card in the Internet as information required for online purchases appears on your credit card.

Holders of Bank Respublika’s MasterCard credit cards can now secure themselves against Internet fraud and significantly reduce the risk of potential losses by using 3D Secure service designed to be an added layer of security for online transactions.

The basic concept of the technology is to redirect client authentication to a secured webpage of AzeriCard processing center where a special 3D password shall be entered. It is only the card holder who knows the password and it is not specified on credit card.

When buying products or services from websites supporting 3D Secure standard, the client will be redirected to AzeriCard webpage and enter the 3D password.

To get your 3D password, please select List of One-time Passwords for Internet Banking and 3D Secure in ATM Menu, print the receipt with one-time passwords and pass registration at webpage. 3D password registration is free of charge.