MasterCard Unembossed

Card Issue (with minimum fee) 0
Card Issue (without minimum fee) 20 AZN (USD, EUR*)
Minimum fee 100 AZN (USD, EUR*)
Amount of security deposit 0
Maximum amount of the credit line on the card 2000 AZN (USD, EUR*)
Maximum amount of interest-free loan** 1000 AZN (USD, EUR*)
Percent rate for loans ** 25% per annum
Percent rate in excess of account balance / credit line 42% per annum
Сard replacement before expiration. 5 AZN
Change of status or unlock the card. 3 AZN
Urgent card issue 10 AZN
Fines for lost cards. 5 AZN
Fee for unjustified protest payments. 15 AZ

* Accounts in EUR are only for MasterCard and Maestro.

Cash withdrawal fee

ATMs and offices of "Bank Respublika" 1% (min. 0.2 AZN, 0.25 USD or 0.2 EUR*)
At ATMs of other banks and offices of the resident
in "Azerikard" network
1,5% (min. 1.8 AZN, 2 USD or 1.8 EUR*)
At ATMs of other banks 1,5% (min. 3.5 AZN, 3.5 USD or 3.5 EUR*)
At offices of other banks. 1,5% (min. 7 AZN, 7 USD or 7 EUR*)

Other fees

Category “Unique" operations (gambling, casinos, lottery and etc.) 3% (min. 3 AZN, 3 USD or 3 EUR*)
Customs duties payment on the territory
Republic of Azerbaijan.
Currency conversion fee 0,5%

Regulations of OJSC Bank Respublika on Usage and Servicing of Banking Cards