Branches and service points

Bank Respublika started its operations on May 22, 1992 based on a license issued by the National Bank of Azerbaijan Republic and has become one of Azerbaijan’s leading banks over that period.

The Bank’s shareholders include 2 largest financial institutions of Germany: Investment Company DEG, a member of KfW banking group, and Sparkassen International Development Trust, a member of financial group Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, which have owned a “25%+1 share” stock of Bank Respublika since April 28, 2005.

The fact that Bank Respublika’s shareholders include Germany’s largest financial institutions, on one hand, evidences the international confidence in the Bank, and, on the other hand, creates a whole world of new opportunities for the Bank’s further development.

At present Bank Respublika offers a broad range of modern banking services including cash and settlement services, various consumer and business loans, deposits, plastic cards, money transfers, documentary transactions, safekeeping boxes, remote customer services, etc.

Bank Respublika builds relations with clients based on the principle of being as helpful and useful to clients as possible, which is reflected both in the Bank’s slogan – “Sizə faydalı” (Beneficial to You), and in specific actions and services. One of the main tasks is to continually improve the quality of customer service, expand the range of services and optimize their terms and conditions.

The Bank’s clientele includes a great number of companies and institutions from different economic sectors, such as industry, telecommunications, transport, construction, agriculture, trade and services. The Bank’s services are also used by tens of thousands of individual clients.

Bank Respublika closely cooperates with international and foreign financial institutions primarily aiming at implementing different enterprise and trade finance lending programs. Overall, under these programs Bank Respublika acquired lines of credit for over USD 200 mln, which enhanced the Bank’s capabilities for providing clients with long-term business loans and trade finance services on more favorable terms.

The following should be given special mention among these financial institutions: Raiffeisen Bank – 50 mln USD and 6 mln EUR, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) – 52 mln USD, Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO) – 25 mln USD, Standard Bank Plc. (London) – 25 mln USD, Asian Development Bank – 18 mln USD, German Investment Company DEG – 20,5 mln USD, International Finance Corporation (IFC) – 10 mln USD, Commerzbank AG – 10 mln EUR, German-Azerbaijan Fund – 2 mln EUR, LBBW - 1 mln EUR  and others.

Bank Respublika also cooperates with the National Fund for Support to Entrepreneurship and Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund by getting actively involved in the government’s enterprise lending and mortgage lending programs. Bank Respublika is a member of the Deposit Insurance Fund, established under the Law “On deposit insurance”. Deposits placed at Bank Respublika are insured in accordance with the Fund guidelines.

One more achievement of Bank Respublika is receipt of ratings from Moody's Investors Service. Bank Respublika received long-term B2 rating for deposits in national and foreign currency and short-term NP rating for deposits in national and foreign currency. B2 rating carry “stable” outlook. Bank Respublika is one of the first banks of Azerbaijan to receive an international rating and the received rating is one of the highest in the private bank sector of Azerbaijan.

An important aspect of the Bank’s activity is active participation in various associations. Bank Respublika is a member of the Board of the Azerbaijan Bank Association, National Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Azerbaijan, American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan (AmCham), German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce (AHK Azerbaijan), etc.

Bank Respublika is the only bank in Azerbaijan that provides all-day uninterrupted service to individual customers seven days a week under the Ofis24 project, which clearly evidences the Bank’s special attention and care for its clients.

Another sign of the Bank’s successful operation is the dynamic growth of financial performance indicators. 

Thus, being one of Azerbaijan’s leading banks, Bank Respublika further strengthens its positions on the country’s bank market.