PayKart bonus system

Without cashing in the network of partners, the card holder, depending on the specific partner, can receive up to 25% of "Pay" bonuses from the amount of purchase that accrues on the card account. On these bonuses in the future, you can make purchases in the affiliate network (cashing is not provided).

You can check the bonus account at ATMs, sending SMS, via Mobilbank and POS-Terminal, in the branches of the Bank. For example: If you buy from a partner a perfume for 100 manat, 10% (10 manat) of the total amount is credited to the bonus account of your card. In the future you can buy for this amount (10 AZN) from another partner, say in the bookstore a book for 10 manatz account of bonuses, and not the main account. In addition, you can pay one part of the amount of bonuses, and the other part of the principal amount.

For questions that can arise from the Bank's clients regarding the PayKart bonus system, please contact the hotline 012 144 for more information. The Bank's specialists will give you professional advice and will provide the necessary assistance.

It reminds that all plastic cards of Bank Respublika are connected to this system.