Additional services

MobilBank - service customers allows customers to perform the following transactions with plastic card using your cell phone with a previously installed MobilBank application.

HomeBanking – is a service that lets you manage your card account on the Internet.

Card-to-Card service enables cash transfer from one card to another.

SMS Notification service lets you receive online notifications about the status of your card account.

PIN Change service allows plastic card holders to change their personal identification number (PIN) to any four-digit number.

Cash by Code service allows to send money through an ATM to a person who does not hold a credit card.

3D Secure technology helps to prevent fraud and make your online transactions more secure.

Internet branch - using this service, you can replenish the balance on the card, order the card and receive information about the balance, order the loan online and track loan schedule, pay utility bills.

Mobile branch – is a new application that is fully functional and updated. This new product is an extension of the "Internet branch" of the Bank.