Bank Respublika offers “Salary+” credit line to salary card holders

You have spent your salary before the end of the month? Do you need funding?

Bank Respublika offers a new “Salary +” credit product to salary card holders.

Under the terms and conditions, if you obtain this product you’ll receive 40 day interest free credit line equal to your salary amount when you spend up your entire salary on salary card.

“Salary+” credit line has following advantages:

  • Annual interest rate - 0%;
  • Maturity - 24 months;
  • Amount –up to the amount of your salary;
  • Commission - 1%;
  • Grace period– 40 days. Thus you will not be charged any interest if the amount is repaid by 10th of the next month;
  • Credit line will be repaid automatically as soon as funds are received on your salary card.

Use the new “Salary+” credit line offered by Bank Respublika and POSITIVE + balance on your salary card

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