Regional credit fairs arranged jointly by Bank Respublika and ACDA attracted a lot of interest

Credit fair under the “Closer and More Efficient” motto arranged for regional farmers and entrepreneurs by Bank Respublika and Agrarian Credit and Development Agency (ACDA) comes to an end.

Fairs held in 7 regions of our country from August through September attracted a lot of attention and over 2,000 farmers and entrepreneurs received information on terms and conditions of lending at mobile offices of Bank Respublika set up at the fairs.

Credit fairs covered Lankaran, Barda, Sabirabad, Ganja, Zakatala, Guba and Khachmaz cities. For customer convenience the fairs were arranged in central streets of cities and attracted mass attention of population.

Please note that such loans are issued at 7% from ACDA funds for the purpose of agricultural development. Purchase of breed animals is funded with 25% prepayment, 60% subsidy (discount) by government and 7% interest on the remaining amount funded by the Bank. For funding of technology entrepreneurs provide 20% prepayment, with 40% subsidy (discount) by government and interest free funding of the remaining amount by the Bank.

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