SMS-banking (9144)

The new service enables customers to receive information on bank accounts, loans, plastic cards and deposits by sending SMS messages to 9144.

To receive the information you need to send one of the following texts to 9144: Hesab (account), Kredit (Credit), Kart (Card), Depozit (Deposit).

· Account–current account balances (in all currencies) and branch contact information where the account is operated;

· Credit–current loan amounts (received amount), currency, total outstanding debt, next payment amount (in case of arrears – amount overdue), credit account balance;

· Card– List of active cards, card balance (current balance), credit limit, principal and interest debt on the limit, limit expiry date, bonus balance.

· Deposit– Deposit amount, annual interest rate.

If the customer’s mobile number is attached to serveral Customer codes, the customer will receive an SMS asking to contact the Bank. Once the customer contacts the Bank, Call Center will select one of existing Customer codes and future information will be sent under this code to the customer.

To subscribe to the  new service the customer will need to conclude an “electronic banking services” agreement. Currently this service is active for Azercell and Bakcell subscribers. Nar subscribers will be integrated soon. Every SMS will cost the customer 6 qepiks.