Salary projects

Use of salary cards offers numerous benefits for both the organization and employees.

Benefits for organization:

  • Efficient payment of salary
  • Saving work time of accounts and cash office personnel
  • Saving time for cash collection/transportation and re-count
  • Diminished workload on salary days
  • Reduced risk of repeated mistakes
  • Simplified procedures for execution of cash plans and limits
  • Reduced document turnover
  • Reduction of financial costs for the processes above

Benefits for employees:

  • Timely receipt of salary due to elimination of the need to actually come to the organization (for persons working on a shift basis or on vacation/business trip)
  • No need to stand in line on salary days
  • No need to count the money when receiving salary

An important advantage is that the card holder does not need to declare cash when going abroad, that is cash on the card pass the border without any limitation.