Name and surname

Extention number,
after dialing

(+994 12) 598 08 00

Supervisory Board
Chairman of the Supervisory Board Shakir Rahimov 1371 (secretary)
Member of the Supervisory Board Natiq Guliyev  
Member of the Supervisory Board  Elchin Guliyev
Member of the Supervisory Board (DEG representative) Irina Schmidt  
Member of the Supervisory Board (SIDT representative) Karsten Stefan
Executive Board
Chairperson of the Executive Board Asef Namazov 1371 (secretary)
Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board Aslan Abasov
Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board Elnur Hasanov
Chief risc officer Orkhan Mammadov 1120
Chief operations officer Elshad Valiyev 1115
Director of the Internal Audit Department   1101
Director of the Bank Cards Department Nigar Samedova 1103
Director of the Settlements Department Anar Aliyev 1108
Director of the Law Department Huseyn Efendiyev 1109
Director of the Human Resources Department Ilkin Zeynalli 1110
Director of the Information Technology Department Zaur Matanov 1125
Director of the Corporate Sales Department Sadig Ibadov 1114
Director of the agro and micro loans Department Tural Selimov  
Director of the Finance Department Javid Rzayev 1423
Director of the Marketing Department Ali Dashdamirov 1116
Director of the Customer Service Department   1117
Director of the Risk Management Department Talat Orduyev 1120
Director of the  CRM Department Zeynab Malikova 1501
Director of the Security Department Novruz Guliyev 1102
Director of the General Service Department Sardar Guliyev 1112
Director of the Treasury Department Emin Niyazov 1122
Director of the Organizational Department Elman Israfilov 1121
Director of the Opertional Control Department Elnara Aliyeva 1106
Director of the Retail Sales Department Anar Hamidov 1105
Director of the Information Security Department Khatai Gancaliyev 1119
Department for the Development of Digital Banking Jahangir Eyyubov 1127
Director of the Project Management Department Farrukh Aliyev 1126
Director of the Department of International Financial Institutions Dilara İsmailova 1384