Plastic cards

Plastic cards have become an integral part of active people’s life. Plastic cards enable cash withdrawal, cashless payment for goods and services, electronic payments in the Internet and many other advantages.

Bank Respublika offers to take a broader look at plastic card as a flexible financial tool that helps you manage your money by means of the Internet or mobile phone, sending money to your relatives and friends, increasing the security of your online transactions and keeping control over your account.

This has become possible to due to additional services -  "Card-to-Card", "Cash by code", "SMS Notification", "PIN Change","3D Secure",Mobil Şöbə  and "Internet Branch" .

Besides, Bank Respublika offers plastic cards of MasterCard International and VISA International payment systems free of charge and without annual service charge.

How to apply for a plastic card

You can apply for a debit or credit plastic card. When using a debit card, you can utilize only the funds you have placed on your card account, while a credit card lets you utilize the Bank’s funds within the credit line.

To apply for a credit plastic card you need to submit statement from your employer, provided that your work experience at the last place of employment is at least 6 months. Your application will be processed within 3 business days.

You can also save time by placing an online order for a debit card. In this case, a Bank employee will contact you to confirm the order and obtain further information.

After that, you will need to come to the Bank on the appointed date with your ID card, place an initial deposit (depending on the card type).

Regulations of OJSC Bank Respublika on Usage and Servicing of Banking Cards