Bank Respublika offers Priority Pass service card to customers. Priority Pass card provides access to first class and VIP lounges in over 500 international airports around the world.
Card holders are welcome to use business services (phone, fax, negotiation room, etc), as well as additional services, such as Internet access, various TV channels, etc.

Priority Pass membership card shall be presented at entrance to VIP lounges. Card holders could also invite their relatives, friends or partners into the lounger as well (up to 10 persons depending on various terms and conditions of VIP lounges). Entrance to VIP lounge costs  32 USD (The amount is debited accordingly the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan on the day of debit.) per person per entrance.

Card holders, their family members and partners are welcome to enjoy the comfort of VIP lounges in airports irrespective of the air company they are flying and class of tickets.

Priority Pass service card costs AZN 50 (for 2 years). You can get the card from Bank Respublika branches and service points.

Additional information about priority pass is available at