VirtualCard is a virtual card from the Visa system is used solely to pay for products and services on the Internet and to place bids in Internet casinos.

There are three details embossed on a VirtualCard:

  • the 16-digit card number
  • the 3-digit CVV code
  • the expiry date

These details should not be disclosed to third parties. Since VirtualCard is intended for use on the Internet, it has no magnetic strip or PIN code. It cannot be used to withdraw money, or to pay for a product or service via a POS terminal. Virtual cards may act as debit cards only; in other words, they cannot be used to open a credit line.

Holders may transfer funds to their virtual cards immediately before making a payment and maintain a zero balance after purchasing, effectively eliminating the risk of unauthorized cash withdrawal if the card number has been compromised.

Payments on the Internet

In order to make a payment on a web site, cardholders must fill out an electronic form at the site, supplying their card details. Using a card at unknown sites, or sites that seem dubious or risky, is not recommended.

We advise you to familiarize yourself with the terms of purchase and product shipment or provision of services, and to find out whether there are any taxes due, or if there is a money back guarantee etc. before filling in the details of your card on an electronic form.

If they wish, cardholders can set a limit to the amount of money that can be spent using a VirtualCard within a given time limit (a day, a week or a month), and can also limit certain types of operations (transactions in an Internet casino, booking hotel rooms, car rental etc.).

Adding and withdrawing money

Funds can be added to the VirtualCard by making a cash payment at Bank Respublika’s offices or by using an instant electronic Card-to-Card transfer; this is more secure, as funds transferred from another card are only kept on the VirtualCard for a short period of time, from the moment they are added to the moment they are blocked by the online shop. Customers can add funds using the Card-to-Card facility by means of Bank Respublika ATMs and those of other local banks which are connected to the Card-to-Card service, or by way of the Home Banking service.

Customers may transfer funds electronically from their VirtualCard to another card by using the Card-to-Card service and withdraw them by means of an additional card issued against their VirtualCard account.