Purpose of the loan: These mortgages are intended only for customers of the preferential category.Who can buy an apartment at a discount?

*Only through the ”Preferential housing " system is it possible to design the selected housing ( https://mida.gov.az/az/e-system / ).

*After choosing an apartment in electronic form, the client contacts the bank.


MIDA Personal Account number:

To apply for a MIDA mortgage, you must first get an ASAN or an electronic signature from ASAN Service and get a MIDA personal account number from ASAN Service.

After receiving the number of the MIDA personal account, you can submit your application by uploading the relevant documents listed below.

The branch(s) that will provide the relevant services

"Yasamal" branch
Address: Baku city, Sharifzade st. 75A
Phone: (+99412) 432 12 57
E-mail: Yasamalsp@BankRespublika.az 
Working hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 - 17:30

"Nizami" branch
Address: Baku city, between C.Cabbarlı st. and Z.Ahmedbeyov st, dist. 610
Phone: (+99412) 598 08 00
E-mail: Nizami@BankRespublika.az 
Working hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 - 17:30

"Azneft" branch
Address: Baku city, Neftchilar ave. 67 
Phone: (+99412) 492 28 45
E-mail: Azneft@BankRespublika.az
Working hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 - 17:30 

Ordering a mortgage loan

MIDA -fill out the mortgage loan application form.

*Filling in all items is mandatory

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I agree that my data will be requested in the credit register of the Credit Bureau of Azerbaijan

İş yerindən arayış

İş yerindən arayış dedikdə elektron arayış və ya müəssisə arayışı e-sosial.az portalında fərdi şəxsi hesabdan çıxarış nəzərdə tutulur.