A service that allows you to repay loans online.

Bank Republic provides a service for customers to "replenish the current account" online via the Bank's corporate website. Again, in order to save customers' time, the Bank has prepared a convenient and reliable method of payment.

By visiting the website www.bankrespublika.az, you need to go to the menu for repaying the loan online, enter the current account number and a series of identity documents (only the number of the series AZE 12345678). In the following pages, the plastic card data is entered, the amount of the replenishment (not more than 3000 AZN) and the security code, then the user receives confirmation of the fulfillment of the request.

After crediting funds to the current account, the credit debt is determined, the account balance linked to the account will be automatically repaid from the current account, respectively, to the credit table.

For online repayment of credit by credit card, you need to find out the current account number (which you should enter) in the Bank, linked to this credit card. (The card number can not be used for this operation).

To repay the loan online please go to the appropriate section.