Currency AZN / USD
Amount 500 - 50,000 AZN (or up to 10,000 USD )
Term Up to 36 months
Percent rate starting from 10%
Fee 0% - 1.5%
Grace period Up to 12 months (depending on the structure of the company and the type of loan, different terms may be offered)

Guarantee (opportunities)

* Can be selected different security packages depending on the amount of credit, the structure of the company, the rank of the customer.

The Surety
real estate
Means of transport
Home accessories
Current assets
Fixed assets
Purpose Trade, agriculture, services, production, construction
Terms of repayment At the request of the client and taking into account the specifics of the business, a free repayment schedule can be offered.
Declining payments
Other conditions The possibility of parallel loans.
  Loan limits
  Getting a loan decision within 1-2 days
  Possibility to get a loan in tranches