Safekeeping boxes

Bank Respublika offers individual and corporate clients rent of safekeeping deposit boxes for storing valuables, jewelry, works of art, securities and documents.

Valuables can be stored at home, office or country house but in most cases such places would lack all-day-round and professional security, alarm systems, fire safety systems, would not have guarantees against burglary and theft, plus insurance of these valuables is very expensive and requires complete information about such items. In this case, using a bank safekeeping deposit box is the most reliable and acceptable solution.

Advantages of Bank Respublika’s safekeeping deposit boxes:

  • First in Azerbaijan depository certified by the international certification institution with a resistance class of IX
  • 24 hour professional security, armored door of the depository, alarm and fire safety systems
  • Specialadvanced secrecy locks manufactured by Steinbach & Vollmann, Germany
  • No reports on items stored and bank secrecy
  • Safekeeping deposit box can be leased for any period
  • Tariff discounts depending on the lease duration