Mobil Şöbə 4.0 - Now Even More Convenient!

Mobile Şöbə is a completely updated application for managing your banking products and services from anywhere in the world.


Now all the most important things are at hand: Cards, Accounts, Deposits, Loans on the main page.

Quick access to the main functions: Translations, Templates, Payments.

Smart icons in the extract: Restaurant, Pharmacy, Gas station and more than 100 categories in one icon.


NFC (contactless) payments now available in your “Mobile Shoba” in one touch!

Bank Respublika is now offering the ability to make NFC payments through “Mobile Shoba” application. NFC (Near Field Communication) – is an innovative contactless payment technology, which enables POS payments from your smartphones without any physical use of cards. The transactions use digital card number (virtual token), while ensuring safety of your private data. To perform a contactless payment, you simply need to hold the back of your smartphone close to POS terminal. More


The mobile office is now for everyone!

The new version of the application will also enable non-bank customers to register by mobile number.

The program in the electronic wallet mode will provide an opportunity to add cards of third-party banks and make payments and transfers.

Translations around the world!

We have expanded the ability to make a money transfer for customers of the Mobile Branch, adding the ability to transfer to cards of foreign banks. Also, we have retained the already beloved ability to transfer through Western Union.

All banks in one app!

Now the Mobile Office is a complete electronic wallet. By adding cards of other banks, users will be able to make transfers and payments from these cards without leaving the application.

Find the necessary transaction in the statement with a new filter                                and search system!

Now it will be much easier to find the necessary transaction in an endless list of operations. To do this, we created a search system and a filter in the statement on the map..


How to register at Mobil Şöbə?

I am a client of Bank Republic

  • Get a plastic bank card
  • Sign an electronic service agreement
  • Download Mobil Şöbə from PlayMarket or AppStore * (The program on the AppStore will be available soon)
  • Register in the application with a credit card

I am not a client of the bank

  • Download Mobil Şöbə from PlayMarket or AppStore * (The program on the AppStore will be available soon)
  • Register in the application by mobile phone number.
  • Add a plastic card to any bank

* Cards of other banks can only be used for payments and transfers

All the innovations:

New app interface design
Ability to add cards of another bank
Registration of non-bank customers (use as an electronic wallet)
Transfers to cards of foreign banks
Online ordering an additional card
Online reissue of a credit card
Improved stability and speed of the application
Smart icons in the statement by transaction category
New statement search transaction system
Smart search of the nearest ATMs and branches (search by metro stations)
Click Transaction Details
Selection of map design display (real or icons)
Adding a personal avatar
Improved search system for bonuses and tax partners
Hot buttons when filling in the amount fields