The Bank's Wage Projects allow employees and companies to make non-cash payments from the bank's ATM network and business and service businesses in more than 200 countries, as well as the Internet, without paying any commission through these cards.

Advantages for the company:

  • Free bank cards
  • Efficiency in salary payments
  • Save time for bookkeeping and cashiers
  • Save time for collecting and counting money
  • Eliminating tension on the day the salary is paid
  • Reducing the risk of misconceptions
  • Simplification of cash flow plans and limits
  • Documentation simplification
  • Do not spend less money on the aforementioned processes

Benefits for Employees:

  • Timely receipt of wages without leaving the organization (for employees working in shifts or on leave / vacation)
  • They can benefit from our electronic services and our 24/7 banking channels
  • No need to count money while earning a salary
  • 24/7 cash withdrawals through an extensive ATM network, online shopping, non-cash payments and other transactions
  • NFC payments with all VISA cards

Card type

Visa Debit və MasterCard Debit

Card duration

5 years

Card account currency


PayCard Bonus project

 Up to 25% discount on affiliate network of link companies

Additional services on card

  • MobilŞöbə
  • Card-to-Card
  • SMSBanking
  • PİNChange
  • 24/7 emergency blocking
  • Emergency card recovery
  • 3D Security