"Bank Respublika" launched "VISA ILK" cards with new conditions and a completely new design for the benefit of minors (ages 7-18).


Rules and conditions for "Yeni ILK" card products:

  • Visa First cards are presented in two new designs. All conditions and rates are the same for both types of cards;
  • The card product is presented in two currencies – AZN and USD;
  • It is possible to order the card for 1, 2, 3 and 5 years;
  • It can be ordered both as a main card and as an additional card;
  • When ordering the Main card, opening a card account should be carried out in accordance with the rules for opening accounts for persons aged 7-18 years, stated in the "Instructions for opening, maintaining and closing bank accounts";
  • When ordered as the Main card, AZN 9/11/15/20 service fee for 1/2/3/5 year cards respectively or AZN 500 /USD 250  for 1/2/3 years without service fee, for 5 years It is allowed to issue a card with an initial deposit of AZN 1000/USD 500;
  • Ordering an Additional card is possible only by paying a service fee. Tariffs are applied as on the main card;
  • During the month, funds up to AZN 500 can be cashed in ATM and POS terminal network belonging to "Bank Respublika" OJSC without commission;
  • It is possible to calculate interest at 5% per annum on the balance of up to AZN 1,000 on the card account on "Visa Ilk" cards ordered only as AZN and only as the main card;
  • Only 1 (one) Main card can be ordered in each currency (AZN/USD);
  • A daily limit of AZN 200 has been applied for all types of spending transactions;
  • A monthly limit of AZN 1,000  has been applied for all types of spending transactions;
  • "Unique" (lottery, betting games) transactions are prohibited;
  • It is not possible to order the card online;
  • If the parent/legal representative requests to monitor transaction information through the Bank's Mobile or Internet application, then the contact number of the parent/legal representative must be entered in the EBS;
  • Other terms, tariffs and limits remain unchanged as with the existing Visa First card product.

Rules of use and service of bank cards of "Bank Respublika" OJSC