Bank Respublika has begun offering Ilk Kart cards for young people aged 7-18 years. Just as the name suggests, the Ilk Kart is the first plastic card in Azerbaijan to be offered to this age group.

The Ilk Kart is issued on the basis of the VISA Electron and may be used in up to 200 countries around  the world to withdraw cash using ATMs, pay for products and services offered by trade and service suppliers by bank card, and make electronic payments on the Internet.


The Ilk Kart can be ordered for a minor by an adult, who may be their parent or any other Bank Respublika account holder. It is issued as an additional card against the adult’s account, and the same account is accessed when carrying out transactions with the Ilk Kart. The person ordering the card can set a limit to the amount of money that can be spent using the card within a given time limit (a day, a week or a month), and can also limit certain types of operations.

Application and issue of Ilk Kart:

• The customer shall apply to Bank Respublika with his ID card and ID card or birth certificate of the card holder (person aged 7-18);

• The customer opens a card account and places the initial and insurance deposit (where necessary). Then he/she orders the main card in his name and Ilk Kart in child’s name (one of two Ilk Kart designs can be chosen);

• The customer will be provided with the main card and Ilk Kart;

• The customer provides Ilk Kart to end user and explains the basic guidelines of safe use of the card.

Ilk Kart cards are issued free of charge and with no annual service fee, if ordered for a family member, that is, for a child or sibling. It is also issued free of charge when it is the first additional card against the customer’s account. Otherwise a commission of 5 AZN shall apply.