Dear friend!

From today you will be happier and richer! For this I brought you a special gift from another galaxy - NeoCard!

It does not depend on where you shop through NeoCard (restaurant, gas station, shop, etc.) you will earn Neobonuses anytime and anywhere. You will be able to exchange the collected Neobonuses for cashback, call minutes, mobile internet or travel miles. And this means that the more money you spend, the more Neobonuses I will be able to give you! To do this, it is enough to make payments with Neocard through POS terminals or online on your favorite sites.

Earn anywhere with Neo!

Cashback Flight Miles


on the balance

Visa Neo Standard Visa Neo Premium


1 year -  10 AZN

2 years -  15 AZN

3 years -  20 AZN


1 year -  40 AZN

2 years -  60 AZN

3 years -  80 AZN


Everywhere 1%, partners up to 5%


Everywhere 1%, partners up to 5%

Interest on the balance AZN 3% / USD 0.1% Interest on the balance AZN 5% / USD 0.2%

Cashing out at Bank Respublika ATMs - free of charge

Cashing at ATMs of other banks in the country - free of charge 5 times a month

Cashing out at Bank Respublika ATMs - free of charge

Cashing at ATMs of other banks in the country - free of charge 10 times a month

- Lounge Key 10 Transition per year
Welcome Bonus  2000 Welcome Bonus 4000
Tariffs on NeoCard
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Even if you do not make any payments with NeoCard, the money on your card will bring you income. You can earn up to 5% per annum on the residual funds every month. In my opinion, this is a great offer.

Order NeoCart right now and get up to 4000 welcome bonuses as a gift! * 

Do you have questions? Then let's start...

How can I get NeoCard? 

You can get NeoCard Standard and NeoCard Premium cards at any branch and department of "Bank Respublika", in the Mobil Şöbə application, as well as by filling out the online order form on the bank's website. The card is presented to the client within 3 working days.

Where can I see my bonus balance?

Each manat paid earns 20 Neobonuses with NeoCard. The Bonus balance and all operations in NeoCard can be viewed in the "NeoCard" section in the Mobil Şöbə application.

Earned bonuses are displayed in the application within 3 working days and remain active for 2 years from the moment they are transferred to the account.

Where can I earn bonuses?

Regardless of whether the object is a partner of the bank or not, during all payments made through the POS terminal at any place (Restaurant, Gas station, Shops, as well as payments for the provision of other goods and services). In all electronic commerce (online) transactions, except for the following:

  • Transfers between cards
  • "Cash by code" service
  • Loan payment
  • Mortgage payment
  • Payment of utilities
  • Payments for the services of mobile operators
  • Payments on the HÖT platform
  • Payments to TV and Internet providers
  • Betting games

How to change Neobonuses to cashback?

You can exchange your earned bonuses for cashback in the "NeoCard" section in the Mobil Şöbə application. The exchange is calculated by dividing the accumulated bonuses by 1000 (for example: 2290 Neobonuses / 1000 = 2.29 AZN). Accumulated bonuses can be changed after the 5th day of each month. Bonuses can be exchanged in full or in part. The maximum amount for monthly conversion is 300 AZN. The cash balance is formed as a result of operations carried out in the previous month. If the cashback balance is not exchanged in the current month, these bonuses can only be used in other options.

How can I convert Bonuses to Miles?

To convert bonuses into miles, it is required to pay for any service in the field of tourism with Neocard, and then, using bonuses in the Mobil Şöbə application, Neocard / Miles section, to top up the payment amount. This amount will be credited to the card. Bonuses are converted into miles divided by 900.

How to convert bonuses into talk minutes and internet package?

Collected bonuses can be exchanged for talk minutes and Internet packages at any time. For this, after entering the "NeoCard" section in the Mobil Şöbə application, it is required to perform the bonus exchange operation for minutes or gigabytes.

What are the advantages of the NeoCard Premium card?

Neocard Premium owners have a number of advantages.

  • High welcome bonus (4000 bonus).
  • More advantageous interest on the balance amount (5% AZN per annum, 0.2% USD per annum).
  • Free use of Lounge Key service twice a year.
  • The possibility of interest-free cashing at ATMs of other banks (10 times).

How is interest calculated on the residual amount?

Interest on the balance amount is calculated at the beginning of each month and credited to the NeoCard in the appropriate amount. Interest on the residual amount in NeoCard: AZN 3% per standard year, USD 0.1% per annum. NeoCard Premium is 5% AZN per annum, 0.2% USD per annum.

How to get a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus of at least 300 AZN - NeoStandart is given to all NeoCard holders who make transactions with NeoPremium card in the amount of at least 500 AZN in the first month of purchase of the card.

The welcome bonus is calculated in the amount of 2000 bonuses for NeoStandart, 4000 bonuses for NeoPremium.