VisaInfinite – the most prestigious card of VISA international payment system. Representing the elite, there are only several tens of thousands Visa Infinite cards around the world.

While the cardholders include royalties, renown politicians and social elite, those cards are also intended mostly for businessmen and top managers of leading companies.

Visa Infinite – is issued exclusively and offers personalized services, meeting highest demands of VIP clients. This card will ensure easy and comfortable access to the best that can be offered in life.

This card can provide you with access to a wide range of travel options, restaurants, shopping sprees and entertainment. In addition, the Visa Infinite card holders receive a free-of-charge concierge service which can help fulfill your any wish.

Special programs provided by networks of high end hotels around the world, such as Hilton, MandarinOriental, Kempinski, Marriottetc; exclusive service in leading car rental bureaus; discounts in luxury and prestigious boutiques and restaurants of Azerbaijan and around the globe – all this is available for Visa Infinite card holders.

We are offering Visa Infinite cards to most creditworthy and demanding clients, who don’t require simply a payment tool, but rather a card reflecting their status, providing with maximum freedom and comfort and ensuring VIP service at any destination around the world.

Detailed information about the benefits of Visa Infinite card

Type of the card Visa Infinite
Fee for Card Issue and Maintenance for 1 year 200 AZN
Fee for Card Issue and Maintenance for 2 years 300 AZN
Fee for Card Issue and Maintenance for 3 years 400 AZN
Fee for issue of 1 additional card (other payment system) 0
Fee for issue of 1 additional card (the same payment system) 0
Fee for issue of 2nd additional card and more (for each card) 0
Сard replacement before expiration. 0
Urgent card issue 0
Fines for lost cards. 0
Minimum fee  30,000 AZN (USD)
Amount of security deposit 0
Term of the credit line 1  year
Maximum amount of the credit line on the card 100’000 AZN (USD)
Fee for the credit line 100 AZN
Deposit secured loan

minimum amount of deposit 100,000 AZN

Minnimum amount of the credit line on the card 10’000 AZN (USD)
Maximum amount of interest-free loan 100’000 AZN (USD)
Percent rate for loans (annual) 22% - USD, 27% - AZN 
Percent rate in excess of account balance (annual) 42%
Issuance of the Priority Pass card (included in the package) 0%
Term of the Priority Pass card 3 years
Change of status or unlock the card. 0
fee fo the PIN change 0
Fee for unjustified protest payments. 0
"Internet Banking" service 0
“Mobil Bank” service 0
SMS notification 0

Regulations of OJSC Bank Respublika on Usage and Servicing of Banking Cards