Wolt Card

Customers of the popular delivery service via the Wolt card will be able to get a number of advantages both when placing online orders and when using a bank card on a daily basis.

The owners of the new card will receive a guaranteed cashback of 5% of the amount of the order made through the Wolt application. In addition, for all payments made through POS terminals with a Wolt card, 1% cashback is credited to your bank balance!

Note: the new card reflects all the advantages of the Visa payment system and convenient types of services provided by Bank Respublika.

The card is FREE and without an intial fee! 

*The card can be ordered in the cities of Baku, Sumgait and Ganja;

POS Cashback

  • Cashback applies to all types of retail transactions (except betting games and e-wallets)
  • Financial and government payments are excluded
  • 1% cashback – applied until 31.01.2023 within the campaign.
  • The maximum winning amount for 1 transaction is equivalent to 10 AZN.
  • The cashback amount is credited to the client's card.